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In only 90 seconds hot and crispy!


The fast way to enjoy pizza

A Piz.Top pizza vending machine persuades with terrific features:

For the user:

  • Round the clock, fresh out the oven pizza
  • 8 different types of pizza to choose from
  • Simple handling
  • Ready in 90 seconds only
  • Convenient

For the operator:

  • Minimal fixed expenses
  • Minimal usage of space
  • Minimal need of personnel
  • 24/7 productivity
  • Ideal for start-up traders
  • Lucrative supplementary income

Possible locations

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Cinemas
  • Fitness studios
  • Gas stations
  • Casinos
  • Beaches
  • Shopping molls
  • Museums
  • and many more ...

The pizzas

Great choice, always fresh out the oven

Pizza Margarita
Pizza Margarita
Pizza Mediterranea
Pizza Mediterranea
Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi
Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi
Pizza Vegetale
Pizza Vegetale (VEGGIE)
Pizza Pancetta e Provola
Pizza Pancetta e Provola (HAM AND CHEESE)
Pizza Ortolan
Pizza Speck e Brie
Pizza Würstchen

Business model

“Sales are highest when no one takes a break”

Excellent profitability – Round the clock. Even when you sleep.

It is good when a business model turns out profitable. When the business model is, let’s say - a product that sells itself with 24/7 profit earning, that is something else.

When, additionally, it brings high customer satisfaction together with minimum effort then it is almost unique.


Technical information

Functions and technical characteristics

Measures 750 x 1620 mm, Height 1920 mm
Internal loading system Fork-lift
Installation Transportation rollers and fixing pillars
Weight 320 kg without Pizza - filling
Loading capacity 42 + 42 Pizzas
Refrigerator temperature   -9-  -7 °C
Inside cooking temperature Up to 250°C, adjustable for +/- 50°C
Cooking time Adjustable, basic time 90 seconds
Total preparation time 120 Seconds
Electricity 220 V/24AC/DC - 50 Hz
Voltage 3.3Kw
Operational noise to 10 m average 52,6 db
Technical standards and laws
UNI EN ISO12100-1 - 2004/108/CE
98/37/CE - 2006/95/CE
CEI EN 60204-1 - Uni EN 294
D.P.R. 459/96 (Directive 328/89/CE)
Directive 98/37/ CE


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